Why Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control For Your Dallas Business Will End Up Costing You More

August 14, 2020

Have you found bed bugs in your business? Are you considering DIY pest control options to deal with those bugs? If so, there are a few things you should consider before you make that investment.

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When Bed Bug Control Fails

First, it is important to understand that a fast response to a bed bug infestation, and a quick resolution to the infestation, can protect your reputation from serious harm. Bed bugs can drive customers, guests, and tenants away. They can also inspire them to take to social media and tell the world of your bed bug problems. If the methods you use to address a bed bug infestation fail, it can hit you in your bottom line.

Wasted Money

If you spend money on bed bug control products and fail to get rid of those bugs, you're going to have to spend money to hire a professional on top of what you've already spent out in DIY products.

  • Chemical spray products are topical and don't get into the tight spaces where bed bugs hide. With sprays running between $20 and $90 per container, this can add up quickly without providing a solution to your problem.
  • Ultrasonic pest repellers fail completely to control bed bugs because bed bugs aren't going to leave. They don't live outside. So spending around $25 to get a package of these devices will just be money out the window.
  • Insect climb-ups (also called interceptors) can prevent bed bugs from climbing up the legs of beds but will do nothing if bed bugs are already hiding in the frames, mattresses or box springs. Traps must be used as part of a complete protocol to have any impact. Most of the time, the $20 spent on these traps only lead customers to continue to complain of bites both in their beds and when they sit on couches and chairs in the evening, or in dark rooms.
  • Mattress encasements have the same issues insect climb-ups have. But at $50 per package, you're going to pay a lot more for this mistake.
  • Space heaters can heat a room up to an uncomfortable level for bed bugs, but they won't eliminate the bugs. Bed bugs will just hide in cold spots or retreat into wall voids. You can buy a unit for every room of your business and not get rid of bed bugs. At $30 to $80 per unit, that'll be a costly mistake.
  • Hot air or steam cleaners have as little impact on bed bugs as space heaters when they are improperly used. Bed bugs will just retreat. This can cost you hundreds per unit.
  • Sometimes business owners throw out beds, couches, or chairs to rectify a bed bug infestation. This rarely works because bed bugs don't just live in furniture. They can be in electronics, underneath rugs, inside electrical outlets, in walls, and more.

What Works?

Getting control of bed bugs in Dallas is a process, not a product. When a treatment plan is performed by a licensed and trained pest-management professional, bed bugs are properly corralled and exterminated. After the initial extermination, products are used for monitoring bed bug activity to ensure that no bugs remain to damage the reputation of your business.

Does your Dallas business need a bed bug treatment, or proactive bed bug prevention? We can help. Reach out to Delta 1 Pest Control. We provide effective commercial pest control solutions for Dallas businesses. Schedule to meet with one of our experienced and certified pest control technicians to have your business inspected. Don't let bed bugs ruin your reputation. Get fast, effective bed bug control from Delta 1 Pest Control.

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