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Known for being the number one destination in Texas, Dallas is an eclectic city where anyone can have fun! Despite being a big city, we work together to maintain a sense of community and protect the safety of our residents.

With lots of people comes a slew of unwanted pests. At Delta One Pest Control, we work to protect businesses, big or small, from our area’s unique pest pressures.
We are focused on commercial pest control and therefore have the experience and resources necessary to protect your business from unwanted pests. Pests create an unclean work environment for employees, an uninviting atmosphere for customers, and in the end, they will destroy your business's reputation. 
Fortunately, our experts at Delta One Pest Control offers the customized services needed to protect your Dallas business from unwanted pests. Reach out to us today to learn more about our comprehensive pest control solutions. 

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Commercial Pest Control In Dallas, TX

At Delta One Pest Control we offer customized pest control solutions that eliminate pests from commercial facilities and prevent future problems with pests. With over 50 years of combined experience, you can count on us to protect your business and its reputation from pests.

Our commercial pest control solutions include:

  • Thorough inspections to determine the severity of the pest problem and how pests are gaining access to your facility.

  • After inspecting your property, we will develop a customized pest control and treatment plan to fulfill your unique needs.

  • Lastly, we will treat your property ensuring that we communicate with you regularly about when, where, and how we treated your facility.

To schedule a commercial pest control service or learn more about our offerings, reach out to us today!

Problems Carpenter Ants Cause In Dallas, TX

Carpenter ants are wood-destroying insects that cause big problems for property owners in Dallas. While they are not directly dangerous to people, they will destroy a structure over time resulting in costly damages. 
Initially, carpenter ants come to properties in search of food and water sources. They flock to outdoor areas surrounding your structure in search of trash cans, outdoor eating areas, and gardens that will supply them with an abundance of sustenance. Then, they find their way inside while continuing to forage for food.  
Once inside, they will stay and build a satellite nest. They create their nesting areas inside of a building's structural wood. They prefer wood that has been damaged by water. Therefore, their presence may be an indicator of an underlying moisture issue in your facility.
In addition to causing structural damage with their nesting habits, carpenter ants will contaminate food and surfaces with bacteria. Also, having customers seeing these large black ants in and around your facility may call your business’s sanitation habits into question.
To solve current problems you may be experiencing with carpenter ants or to stop future problems with carpenter ants, contact Delta One  Pest Control to discuss our carpenter ant control services. 

Tips To Keep Norway Rats Away From Your Dallas, TX Restaurant

Rats are a common sight in and around restaurants because they offer them everything they need: food, water, and shelter. The Norway rat is an example of a common rodent invader of restaurants in our area. Rats are problematic in restaurants because they will eat almost anything, including the food we eat or accessible leftovers tossed into the trash. 
No restaurant owner wants their reputation destroyed by a rat infestation. Therefore, the best way to prevent problems with Norway rats is to be proactive and take the steps needed to keep them out.
Some of our top tips to keep Norway rats out of restaurants include:

  • Keeping both the interior and exterior of your restaurant free of food debris.

  • Placing tight-fitting lids on trash cans and dumpsters.

  • Eliminating access to water by repairing leaky or drippy pipes or fixtures.

  • Eliminating entry points by fixing holes in the foundation or roofline, placing weather stripping under doors, and placing screens over vents.

  • Keeping garage and delivery doors closed as much as possible.

  • Maintaining a rigorous cleaning schedule to keep your establishment free of attractants.

  • Storing all food in air-tight containers or the refrigerator.

If you are looking for effective rat control for your Dallas restaurant, reach out to us at Delta One Pest Control. We will help you protect your business from Norway rats through our effective rodent control services!

Damage Termites Can Cause To My Dallas, TX Warehouse

Termites aren’t a pest that only plagues Dallas homeowners. Termites don’t discriminate and will move into any structure that offers them a place to feed. 
Termites nest outside under the soil and move inside through cracks in the foundation or pieces of wood that are making direct contact with the soil.
Termites that find their way into warehouses invade the interior of structural wood found behind walls or below floors. Their feeding habits, over time, will weaken the structural integrity of your facility. In the case of an on-going, large infestation, termites may eventually feed on things like cardboard boxes, paper, and other items made of cellulose.  Also, the shed wings of reproductive termites may contaminate food or damage sensitive equipment.
Fortunately, the experts at Delta One Pest Control have the experience to prevent or eliminate your termite problem. To learn more about protecting your warehouse with the help of our termite control solutions, call Delta One Pest Control today!


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